Brittany and Paden: Veiled Rustic Wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel and Larkin's Sawmill

Brittany contacted us while she and Paden were finishing up law school.  They both reside in Florida, but have family in the upstate. 
Brittany and her mother, Rene, are crafty.  Like, super-crafty.  Like, reupholster-a-chair-and-make-pillows-for-the-wedding crafty.  Like, lets-create-gorgeous-and-huge-silk-floral-spray-for-the-wedding-crafty.  Got the picture?  This is why we were totally in LOVE with them!

Brittany and Paden were married in a ceremony that had such a unique element- they invited their parents to the altar for a family prayer led by Brittany's dad, Buddy.

Brittany was the type of bride that knew exactly the feel she wanted for her big day- rustic, but with a softness. A touch of modern, but with a veil and a ruffle over it. She chose the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel for the ceremony and the Wyche Pavilion for her reception for these reasons.
"What?"you say, "on their collage it says the reception was at Larkin's Sawmill."
Well, you are correct. After planning Brittany and Paden's big day for 15 months, we had to move their Wyche Pavilion reception to the Sawmill...

...22 hours before the event.
You see, kids, the pavilion is fantastic against many elements. As long as there are not tsunami-like rain, it is still okay. As long as it is not like-an-Arctic-tundra-cold, it is still okay (with heaters).
Both tsunami rain and Arctic cold? No sir. We are moving it inside. And away from the river.
So, after rerouting all the vendors and creating a new floorplan, everything was taken care of.

Brittany found windows, and her dad took plexiglass and engraved it with the seating chart.  She also made little silk rosettes to accent it.

A little photo-op area in the dining area.  We rented an antique door and window, grabbed a white rug (on a mega sale at Aldi of all places!), and Brittany painted and reupholstered the other furniture.

The other soft seating area- complete with sofa table full of family photos in silver frames.  We put tall slim candles in all the windows of the back part of the Sawmill to add more to Brittany's all white and grey color scheme.  See the patterned pillows?  The fabric was given to Brittany as a gift from her matron of honor and they then made pillows with it!  She had some of the fabric left over, so we put it on the buffet.

Signs to note where the newlyweds sat.  Vases were waiting at the table with the bridesmaids intials engraved.  This was a gift and also part of the table decor.

Brittany's reaction to her cake table. Positively priceless.  Not only did she positively love the 4 tier cake created by Holly's Cakes, but Dahlia a Florist also covered the table with roses. 
Other awesome things to note in the photo: mason jars for the drinks, gray and white striped straws, family style tables (decked out with white crinkle linen and mahogany folding chairs), and what's that at the top?  Oh, it is 104 yards of fabric that was swagged by Optrics. 
(I am fibbing, there is also a large swag in the tiled area of the Sawmill and a large swag over the doors that lead into the tiled area.  None of the less, 104 yards of fabric.)
That swagging is now a permanent fixture at the Sawmill.  You can thank Brittany later.

Centerpieces were trinkets- candlesticks, small vases, little silver odds and ends found at thrift stores and filled with loose blooms and spanish moss.  During the planning process, Brittany kept showing me white vases and asking me where to find them- B & R Events suggested painting wine bottles white.  Brittany loved this and ended up using them as a vehicle for the table numbers that she crafted.
Each place setting was layered with a sage placemat and a grey napkin that was belted with their placecard. 

While Brittany and Paden's wedding guests were dancing their legs off, the rain cleared for just a couple of minutes.  And that is how we snagged this Vanity Fair cover portrait of the newlyweds.
Congratulation Brittany and Paden!


Jennifer and Hunter: Downtown Holiday Wedding at Grace Church and Huguenot Loft

Photos courtesy of Jeff Hall/Paper Star Pictures unless otherwise watermarked

Jennifer is an attorney.  Hunter is an engineer.  Jennifer's dad is my family dentist.  Jennifer's mom works in the office of her husband's practice.

Ya got that?  OK.

Jenny and Hunter got engaged shortly after Jenny and her mom had visited Wedding Festivals "for a friend".  Jenny and her mom were very complimentary of our booth and we were so happy to see a familiar couple of faces.  As soon as Jenny got engaged, she made the call to B&R Events.  

Jenny and Hunter were fairly flexible with their wedding date, as long as it did not conflict with Clemson foot ball and we were available.  They ended up choosing December 18th, one week before Christmas.  

Jenny chose a very pretty blue by Dessy called glacier.  This went stunningly with all the deep red and green that Grace Church had used for holiday decor. The 150+ year old church, formerly known as Downtown Baptist Church, was the perfect location to precede their Huguenot Loft reception.

Music was so important to Jenny's dad for the ceremony.  They had a string quartet, a pianist, and a soloist that sang "Ava Maria" before the processional.  

After the ceremony, Jenny and Hunter's guests sipped on hot cocoa and coffee from Carolina Coffee Roasters while they quickly finished photos.  They then led their guests with a marching jazz band to the Huguenot Loft for the reception. 

Granatas Catering created a delicious custom menu- tons of tasty canapes, tenderloin and mashed potatoes, salads, and a creme brule station. 

Blue, touches of copper and bronze, ivory,burgundy, natural wood, and deeeep green graced the Huguenot Lofts floors. We dressed the tables in a slate blue and accented them with burgundy crush taffeta runners and natural wood chivaris.  The windows were filled with poinsettias and hydrangea.  Dahlia created complimentary decor using hydrangea, seeded eucalyptus,pine, mums, dusty miller, juniper berries, cranberries, and angel vine, just to name a few elements.

The crowd enjoyed the band Current Invention, sipped on cocktails, and got jolly in the Shutterbooth photo booth.   Paper Star Pictures worked as a team to collect video and images of the evening's festivities
Granatas Catering also created the wedding cake. 
One word:  Funfetti. 
Oh yes they did.

At the end of the night, the band led everyone outside while they sang "Jingle Bells" and shook, well, jingle bells for Jenny and Hunter's horse drawn sleigh carriage.

Congratulations Jenny and Hunter!


In My Spare Time?

I get asked all the time, oh you must have a wedding every weekend, what do you do in your spare time?
I figured this would be a great time to answer that question, before I post about our last wedding of 2010 (and start posting about our 2011 couples).  So, here are some of the things I did in my spare time, from spring 2010 to spring 2011. 
WARNING:  Picture HEAVY! (and gratuitous images of my husband being wacky.)

I moved.

I created an office to meet with clients.

I learned how to drive a pontoon boat.

Visited besties in Chucktown.

I visited Georgia with family from New Jersey.

I took a vacation.

We met celebrities

And visited my Mecca.

Franck's Studio; Where wedding dreams come true at the happiest place on Earth!
And got totally inspired.

I renewed my vows.

And got scary on Halloween.

Jersey.  Like D's gold chain?
I went shopping.

And saw Cirque du Soliel for the nineth time (!).

Had a happy holiday.

Visited our nation's capital.

Where I saw some history.

Attended Junior League of Greenville's Oscar Night America as a sponsor.

And saw Cirque du Soliel...again.  (No photo evidence of this...)

I hope that answers the question and gives a little insight into my personal life.  I am so happy that I can share it!