Shannon and Randy: Pink Butterflies at the Hyatt Regency

Shannon and Randy had one of the springiest weddings B&R has ever coordinated! Shannon chose pale pink and celery green for her April 10th nuptials and the lovely couple said their vows at the charming Christ the King Lutheran Church. Before their ceremony the bridal party headed to Falls Park with Charlie Register of Register Images and took pictures and even had time to get coffee and ice cream at Spill the Beans before their limo picked them up.

When Shannon and Randy arrived at the Hyatt, they were announced by emcee and DJ extraordinaire, Chris Wagner with Formal Affair. Their cake, from Publix, was enjoyed by all while their Georgia Tech fraternity brothers and sorority sisters as they performed their traditions. At the end of the evening, Shannon and Randy ran through a cloud of bubbles to the hotel's elevator to hitch a ride up to their suite!
If you see the lucky couple, congratulate them! I was just happy to be amongst another group of red heads!

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