Celebrating Chopin

Chopin would have been 200 years old this past weekend!

One of our good friends, Don Shabkie, thought that it would be an excellent idea to have a concert and celebration for Chopin's 200th birthday. Don is the head of Wedding Music of the Upstate. Since we think Don is super talented, and work with him very frequently whenever we have a couple that wants live performances during their wedding, we took the challenge of helping create a celebration for the late composer.
The program certainly brought culture to the Upstate. Six visual artists were featured, two pianists and a cellist performed, and the Greenville Ballet danced. It was truly an amazing experience.
Holly Cakes provided a BEAUTIFUL cake to celebrate Chopin's 200th birthday.

One of the stunning paintings, by Paul Flint, titled "Waxing up Chopin"

The Greenville Ballet, waiting patiently for their cue at the Westin's mezzanine. Aren't they beautiful? (We made sure they had cake waiting for them in their dressing room since they performed right before intermission. They were so grateful. What a lovely group.)

Where the magic happened.

B & R Events was so pleased to be a part of this event. We were happy to come up with all the marketing and design concepts, keep the performers on cue, and find a wonderful cake baker. We hope that we can partner with Don again and participate with another cultural event...


Heart to Hearts

Valentines day was a lovely day in the R household. We had a nice early brunch at High Cotton, went into a food coma, made brownies from scratch, and then met with the B household for Mexican food. (Yes, our stomachs are still full!) We did not exchange gifts, but the hubby gave me a lovely card.
Even though I am a little late, I wanted to wish all of our readers a very Happy Valentines Day! Our business is all about LOVE and our HEARTS are always in what we do.
So what do you absolutely love? Your business, your dog, that man of yours? What do you put your heart into? And most importantly, who got engaged!


Four Weddings on TLC

I think I might have found my new favorite show. It is now on my list with Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Wedding SOS, and Real Housewives of New Jersey. (We might have impeccable taste in a lot of things, but television shows is not one of those things.)
Four Weddings is a show where four brides attend each others weddings and grade each other on food, gown, venue, and overall experience. Whoever has the best overall score receives a dream honeymoon. I found this show so interesting, I took notes.
I took notes, because these are REAL BRIDES with REAL BUDGETS. They list each bride's budget and guest list at the beginning of the show. I love that. One of the things that I find utterly frustrating about Platinum Weddings and David Tutera' show is that 98% of REAL BRIDES cannot afford the major details in these weddings.
We pride ourselves of helping our couples stick to their budgets. Bravo TLC for a reality show that showcases real people.