Nicole and Robert: Peacock Oasis at Magnolia Plantation

I will be honest, Nicole is one of my best friends. When she got engaged 15 months ago, she just knew that she liked teal and brown for colors and wanted to get married in Charleston. She also knew that I was going to be one of her bridesmaids along with six of her other girlfriends.

Nicole was busy finishing up school at MUSC and her mother, who lives in Greenville, was left to tie up a lot of the loose ends. What was a wedding planner to do?

If you were at the Wedding Festivals back in January you might have seen our teal and brown booth with touches of peacock feather accents. This was an homage to Nicole's wedding scheme and design. She had picked Magnolia Plantation for her big day, and Magnolia has salutes to peacocks all over their property, their restaurant is even the Peacock Cafe!

B & R Events designed Nicole and Robert's invitation, programs, aisle runner, napkins, centerpieces, and lanterns. We were happy to use our "budget queen" skills and save Nicole's parents money.

Two of our proudest ideas would have to be the centerpieces and the lanterns. Nicole and her mother, Ginnie, LOVE Yankee Candle (as do I). They had really lovely burnished bronze lanterns on sale this time last year. I thought that they were spectacular, but wanted to personalize them. I looked around my house to our walls that have sayings courtesy of Uppercase Living. These sayings are made from vinyl and burnished onto our walls. Why couldn't we do the same with Nicole's monogram and the lanterns?

The centerpieces were a little bit easier. We wanted to keep the cost down, as well as make an impression and keep true to the theme. B & R Events already has vases, votives, and marbles that could be used, so the other elements just had to be added. We used peacock feathers, curly willow branches, spiral glitter branches, and floralytes to make a slim and unique centerpiece for about $20 a piece.
Congratulations Nicole and Robert! It was so much fun and I look forward to many more special occasions together!

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