Amanda and Charlie: Holiday Vow Renewal at the Westin Poinsett

Amanda and Charlie decided to celebrate their very lucky anniversary with a vow renewal! They have been married for 7 years and felt that they had been so lucky with love and their relationship that they wanted to celebrate in style with their closest family and friends.

Their wedding took place December 2002 and was very simple, the biggest splurge was Amanda's dress. Since then, Amanda and Charlie have been blessed with two gorgeous children and a thriving business. When they decided they wanted a vow renewal, Amanda was roughly 7 1/2 months pregnant with their daughter, Sunny, so Charlie called in B & R Events for reinforcements!

Amanda told us right away that she LOVES surprises, that her favorite flowers were tulips and snapdragons, and that she is a very busy lady with two under the age of 3 and the Mommy and Me group that she runs. She trusted our creative ability completely, so the day was very exciting.

The ceremony took place in the Francis Marion room at the Westin Poinsett with the social hour on the mezzanine and the reception in the Spoonbread Restaurant.

Amanda had her hair and make up done by Jessica Dunaway, stylist at Ted Gibson in Washington D.C. and then changed into her awesome gown from Poinsett Bride.

Jerry Frye with Marriages and More officiated their ceremony while Erin Knight played the harp.

We worked very closely with Dahlia to put together the perfect look for the flowers. Since Amanda and Charlie are very into family, we decided that everything had to have a little holiday feel. We used Amanda's favorite flowers and tied in deep purple calla lilies, a little hydrangea, and some burgundy dahlias. I also told Kristi and her crew that "Dahlia Diamonds" were essential to give a little sparkles to all the arrangements. Dahlia always does an excellent job.

We gave the table names that symbolized family and the holidays, such as "Hope", "Faith", "Comfort", and "Charity".

We also had Jeff Hall do a family portrait session before the big day. We then displayed a whole table of the family photos, a HUGE canvas portrait, and even the seating chart used one of their family photos.

I called my good friend Don Shabkie to put together a jazz ensemble. Don is so talented that he was able to play the keyboard and a bass key board while his partner Sonny played the drums.

The favors were ornaments. Everyone got their own ornament that signified what they were eating, and the kiddos got reindeer ornaments.
We also set up a photo booth for after dinner! We included tons of awesome props for people to use in their pictures. It was a big hit!

Congratulations Amanda and Charlie! Happy Anniversary and many more to come!


Holiday Talk

Can we talk about the holidays (I will switch to events the next post, I promise)?

My mother/co-owner of B&R Events has a lot of Christmas ornaments. It takes her about 45 minutes just to get all of them out of the packaging. She has a 10 foot tree, so she definitely needs an ample amount of colorful ornaments. This years, as she was unpacking her 400 some odd tree trinkets, she started to really look at some of the packaging.

Yes, that is Uncle Sam shaking Santa's hand. Evidently he is pleased that the "Shiny Bright" ornaments are American Made.

10 glass ornaments for $1.11 at S. S. Kresge Company.

Um, S. S. Kresge became KMart in 1962.

Debbie has some old ornaments. It sure does make a pretty tree though...

Happy Holidays from B & R Events!


Rachel and Jason: Rogue Autumn at Saffrons

Rachel and Jason live in Concord, North Carolina and knew that they would need help arranging their big day. Rachel is a fellow make up artist and Jason serves our country in the US Army. Rachel knew that she wanted a combination of bling and fall colors. Of course B & R can make it happen.
We designed an alternating tier cake with our friend Holly with Holly Cakes. The top layer had filigree, the middle tier had Rachel and Jason's monogram and Swiss dots, and the bottom tier had quilting with edible pearls.
The reception took place at Saffron's Wrought Iron Hall. We used white table cloths with red napkins, and the guests enjoyed a cocktail hour with different types of bruschetta, a dinner buffet, and beer and wine.

Our friends at Dahlia put Rachel's dream of long sprawling arrangements together.

B & R designed their seating chart that mimicked Rachel and Jason's invitation, fully equipped with crystals.
Holy Trinity was the perfect backdrop for their religious ceremony. Lance Williams caught all the special moments on camera. The couple was married by Jason's uncle John, creating a very personal ceremony.
At the end of the night, there was a Krispy Kreme donut display. Guests were able to grab a donut to go, and the guests that stayed a little later were able to accessorize with Krispy Kreme caps! (Yes, I got in on the accessorizing.)
Congratulations Rachel and Jason!


Nicole and Robert: Peacock Oasis at Magnolia Plantation

I will be honest, Nicole is one of my best friends. When she got engaged 15 months ago, she just knew that she liked teal and brown for colors and wanted to get married in Charleston. She also knew that I was going to be one of her bridesmaids along with six of her other girlfriends.

Nicole was busy finishing up school at MUSC and her mother, who lives in Greenville, was left to tie up a lot of the loose ends. What was a wedding planner to do?

If you were at the Wedding Festivals back in January you might have seen our teal and brown booth with touches of peacock feather accents. This was an homage to Nicole's wedding scheme and design. She had picked Magnolia Plantation for her big day, and Magnolia has salutes to peacocks all over their property, their restaurant is even the Peacock Cafe!

B & R Events designed Nicole and Robert's invitation, programs, aisle runner, napkins, centerpieces, and lanterns. We were happy to use our "budget queen" skills and save Nicole's parents money.

Two of our proudest ideas would have to be the centerpieces and the lanterns. Nicole and her mother, Ginnie, LOVE Yankee Candle (as do I). They had really lovely burnished bronze lanterns on sale this time last year. I thought that they were spectacular, but wanted to personalize them. I looked around my house to our walls that have sayings courtesy of Uppercase Living. These sayings are made from vinyl and burnished onto our walls. Why couldn't we do the same with Nicole's monogram and the lanterns?

The centerpieces were a little bit easier. We wanted to keep the cost down, as well as make an impression and keep true to the theme. B & R Events already has vases, votives, and marbles that could be used, so the other elements just had to be added. We used peacock feathers, curly willow branches, spiral glitter branches, and floralytes to make a slim and unique centerpiece for about $20 a piece.
Congratulations Nicole and Robert! It was so much fun and I look forward to many more special occasions together!


The Knot and it's trends...

I will be the first one to tell anyone that I am in love with theknot.com and their subsidiaries. I used the budgeter and everything when I was planning my wedding and if you are really crafty, you can still see my community bio.
I was browsing there ran across theknot blog "Wedding Obsessed" by Meredith and Anja. (Normally I would link to their site, but believe me, it is easy to find.)
Um, maybe we are just ahead of our game.

Stephanie let her ladies choose brown dresses:

Melissa let her girls go for green:Flower-Free Reception Decor
Andrea rocked ice branches and snowAnd Lori and Jeremy utilized their venue's floating candles

Check out the rat pack stylings of Amy and Chris (and this didn't include the decor!)

Camille and Mike used their ceremony pieces for reception pieces Wedding Centerpiece Idea - Use Candelabras Instead of Vases
Jennifer and Erjah did this in 2006, so come on.
The Wedding Cake Sugar Flowers
Amber and Spencer's cake was nothing but awesome sugar daisies

I guess I should get a job blogging for the Knot. Our girls have been giving us awesome ideas for over 4 years now.


Do something good.

It's My Heart is an organization that raises money for researching congenital heart defects.
One of our family friends, the Shafers, lost their baby boy last December to a heart defect. Zach will always be in our hearts, even though he was only on this earth for about 9 and a half months.
Krissy, Zach's mom, is participating in a walk to raise money for It's My Heart. Please help her in her endeavor, it goes to such a good cause. You can even donate online by credit card, and there is no minimum. We did, so you should too.


Lauren and David: Blue Hydrangea at the Upcountry History Museum

Congratulations Lauren and David!

Lauren wanted traditional simplicity for her July wedding. She used a striking color palette of navy, cream, bright green, and deep pink. Her seven lovely bridesmaids wore navy chiffon dresses from Ann Taylor and the charming groomsmen purchased tan suits and were given green and navy striped ties. And ohmigawd Lauren's dress!!! A beautiful pearl Ann Barge number...I am officially jealous!

Saffron's catered the reception at the Upcountry History Museum that immediately followed the ceremony at First Baptist Church.

The tables were decorated with crisp white linens and navy runners (recycled/purchased from Jessica and Jadison) and stunning centerpieces in Lauren's tradional simplicity from Memories by McMillan. Lifetime Entertainment kept the tunes coming and Lindsey Mart caught the best " '80s" dance moments. Guests were devouring cupcakes from Cupcake Couture when David received one of his wedding gifts...an appearance from the Clemson tiger!

At the end of the night, Lauren and David ran through a shower of white rose petals in the middle of a pathway of luminaries to their limo provided by Eastside Transportation.

Thank you so much Lauren and David for letting us coordinate your special day!!!


Amy and Chris: Forties Fun at the Westin Poinsett

Amy and Chris had a gorgeous rat pack inspired wedding. Amy knew that she wanted St. Andrew's and the Westin, and to keep the budget down we ran with her theme. We kept the flowers vintage by using white roses and white carnations by Dahlia, kept the lounge theme in mind by making mini lamps with Amy and Chris's monogram, and kept the guests talking by having pictures of the names of the rat pack inspired tables (Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, etc.). Amy wore a simple train less dress with a stunning vintage inspired 1940's hair style, her bridesmaids wore Audrey Hepburn-esque little black dresses, and the guys wore (what else?) white dinner jackets. DJ Rodney Phillips kept the guests grooving to old classics, Strossners made the most delicious chocolate and white cake, and Amy Wood captured every moment.
Congratulations Amy and Chris!


Tammy and Rashaan: Horse and carriage at the Hyatt Regency

Congratulations Tammy and Rashaan!

Tammy called me on June 12th to see if B&R was available to coordinate her June 27th wedding. We usually do not have many free Saturdays during the summer, but it just so happened that our wedding that weekend was on a Sunday!

Tammy and Rashaan have been living in Ohio, but many of their guests are from the Greenville area. Tammy was referred to us by our good friend and peer, Amy Wood, who told Tammy that we were the ones to call since we "run a tight ship".
Tammy and Rashaan had a lovely afternoon ceremony at the Wyche Pavilion followed by a late lunch reception at the Hyatt Regency. Their guests boogied with Platinum Music Services and had cake from Couture Cakes. One of the most speical things about the day was Whispering Winds Carriage Company was able to do a "split ride". Tammy arrived to the pavilion with her father and Rashaan was able to see her for the first time on the carriage. Then at the end of their celebration Tammy and Rashaan were sent off on the carriage. What a sweet and fun summer day!


Melissa and Joey: Feathers and Fun at the Wyche Pavilion

Only one word can describe Melissa and Joey's wedding: WILD!

Melissa and Joey picked the Cliffs at Glassy Chapel to hold there ceremony and Larkins on the River's Wyche Pavilion for their reception. And since the couple has traveled almost EVERYWHERE, that was the theme for their big day. Melissa chose old world colors that consisted of varying shades of copper, chocolate, cream, and clover. She also chose an underlying theme of feathers, which was reflected in the bridesmaids' hair pieces and bouquets and Melissa's clover feather shoes!
There ceremony was officiated by Jerry Frye and Erin from Upstate Wedding Music was the solo violinist.
After the ceremony, the guests arrived to the pavilion and all the guests placecards were attached to a copper colored diecast plane. Melissa and Joey's initials were made into wreaths by Dahlia and hung in the entrance of the pavilion. Holly's Cakes constructed the cake to look like the fabric on Melissa's gown.
After a sit down dinner, Sam Brooks with Life of the Party got the party started and out came the WILD dance props! Feather boas, feathered hats, foam cowboy hats, light up tamborines, light up sunglasses, and blow up microphones were given to all the guests! No one was empty handed! Amy Wood set up a zebra print "photo booth" area where no one was shy.

At the end of the night, the guests were all sippin' on Firefly and lemonade and singing karaoke. What an awesome and fun night!


Camille and Michael: Film and Sage at the Westin Poinsett

Congratulations Camille and Mike!
Camille and Mike were a very special bride and groom for B&R. I have known them since way back when at the University of South Carolina Upstate. So, when Camille posted her engagement on Myspace, I sent her a shout out letting her know about B&R Events. They ended up signing on for the Grace package (full coordination).
Camille and Mike had their ceremony AND reception in the Gold Ballroom at the Westin Poinsett, with the cocktail hour in the Spoonbread restaurant. Their guests were welcomed by a photo guestbook with their engagement photos taken at the American Theatre by Amy Wood. They walked into the ballroom to a custom aisle runner with the couple's monogram, columns topped with floral arrangements of roses and orchids, and copper candleabras. The ceremony was officiated by Mike's dad, Tim (who only choked up at the end), and included Filipino traditions or the veil, cord, and coins. In Pro Video caught every minute of it.
After an hour and fifteen minute room flip, Camille and Mike entered the reception and went straight into their first dance to "Something" by the Beatles. After, they enjoyed a four course dinner, which included wedding cake and (red velvet) grooms cake from Couture Cakes. Though Camille chose to go with a pallette of sage, antique gold, and pale peach, their wedding had an underlying theme of their love for movies! Their seating chart was printed on plexiglass for a 3D effect with a film reel background, the grooms cake was a film reel, and all the tables were named after their favorite movies. Sam Brooks with Life of the Party serenaded the wedding guests during dinner.
At the end of the evening, Camille and Mike were "sent off" in a horse and carriage from our friends at Whispering Winds Carriage Company.


Heather and Donnie: Fuschia and Mountain Dew at the Wyche Pavilion

Congratulations Heather and Donnie!

Heather and Donnie were high school sweethearts from Hendersonville, NC. They chose to have their Sunday wedding at the Lazy Goat Patio and Larkins on the River's Wyche Pavillion.

Heather chose honeydew green and bubblegum pink as her wedding colors. She utilized wholesale lillies, gerbera daisies, and hydrangeas in varying shades of white, pink, and green. One thing that we loved is that her bridesmaid dresses were from Target.com!

They chose a unique and bright cake from Kathy and Company and Heather decided to do her flowers herself.

The memories of the 39 guests were caught by In This Moment Photo. Their guests enjoyed a menu of prime rib, chicken marsala, beer and wine, and then had favors of homemade truffles to bring home. YUM!

This intimate affair was full of inside jokes, such as Donnie's parents had Mountain Dew (in a can, not a bottle) waiting for them during the ceremony and Heather and Donnie entered into their reception to "The Office" theme song.

Thank you so much Heather and Donnie! We were so happy to be a part of such an intimate affair!


Megan and Blake: Purple and Sepia at the Upcountry History Museum

Congratulations Megan and Blake!

Megan and Blake got married at St. Matthews United Methodist Church and had their cocktail reception at the Upcountry History Museum. Both locations were perfect for this couple that is very well acquainted with downtown Greenville.

Megan picked out brown cocktail dresses for the bridesmaids and the decor featured lavender and green hydrangeas. Dahlia was their florist, and Megan let Kristi have complete creative control. The floral arrangements had green apples, limes, bells of Ireland, and mixes of silver wire. Each arrangement was completely unique. Bagatelle Catering granted Blake's wish of having Southern home cooking and offered the guests dishes such as deep dish macaroni and cheese, fried green tomatoes, and beef briquette. The simple, yet elegant, cake was the work of Gretchen's ABS Bakery.

The reception had plenty of soul with the music choices of Sam Bigby. And every moment was captured by Scott Holloway and Event Videos by Brandon, including the send off with Reedy River Rickshaw.

Thank you so much Megan and Blake, and Pam! You truly were a delight to work with!