Style: Favors

I love wine. I love wine so much that my lovely husband, Darren, got me a wine fridge for Christmas. I know that I am not the only one out there that loves wine. When Darren and I were planning our wedding, we were toying around with the idea of having wine with custom labels. Then, there were only a couple of companies that did it, and they were based out of California so the shipping was insane.

Now one of my favorite site, Snapfish, does custom photo beverage labels. They start at $8 a bottle, and anything I have ever ordered from Snapfish has been great quality.


Style: Food

We do not believe in boring food. We believe in enjoyable food. Think of foods that you are your fiance enjoy...can you incorporate it into the cocktail hour? Love burgers...ask for mini sliders. Love mexican...quesadillas or mushrooms stuffed with chorizo sausage. Thai...pineapple rice. We could go on. Are sweets more your scene? Can't get enough Krispie Kreme? Have late night doughnuts!

Style: Bouquets

We are still taking our cake classes, but I want to get back on the wedding track!

I remember when I got married. My bridesmaids had sheer chocolate ribbon with bronze edging on their bouquets, and it was considered creative! Not that a white or sage satin ribbon, isn't beautiful and classic, but patterned or shimmer ribbon can add a special touch to your bridesmaid bouquets. We personally love polka dotted ribbon and damask ribbon.
Think about your theme...what is special to you and your fiance...what might be special to your bridesmaids. Bonus: ribbon is inexpensive. I know for a fact that certain craft stores carry better ribbon for $1 -$1.75 a yard. Check out your options next time you are surfing the net or at a craft store.