Cake Attack!

This was my first decorated cake from our Wilton course! We learned about gel transfer and were supposed to make a rainbow cake, but I HAD to do something different! So I did a gel transfer of the B&R Events logo, and I think it turned out nicely!
All my close friends know that I do not like clowns, but here I was in our third class forced to make a clown cake. Ugh! So, I decided to make the cake humorous and had one of the clowns struggling to get up on the cake with his friends. All my classmates and teacher were hysterics!
And this week, before my final class where we will make a cake involving icing roses, swiss dots, and drop flowers, I decided to make a practice cake.

I did chocolate buttercream icing on white cake and made white drop flowers with violet centers and violet swiss dots. I thought it was adorable! **Excuse the blurriness, my camera had been left in the cold car overnight.**
Stay tuned for the last cake of course 1!

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Anonymous said...

Your cakes are just way too cute. I love the clown cake....Your practice cake before the last class is awesome too. Just wait until you get into the Flowers and Borders course (#2) you will love it.
Great Job!!