Chelsea and Ryan: Chocolate and Charity in Anderson

At the beginning of 2008, our friends Jason and Stacy with Blue Mountain Photo Works decided that they were going to have a contest where they would award a couple with free wedding photography. To win the contest, the couple had to submit an essay about why they would love Blue Mountain to shoot their wedding, a photo, and their engagement story. The couple had to not be able to afford a professional wedding photographer.

When we read about the contest on Jason's blog, we jumped right in. We have been so blessed with our business and the awesome people that we get to work with, that we wanted to give back.

The story was told to BJ with Ice Magic and they were generous as well with donating an ice sculpture that was modeled after Chelsea and Ryan's engagement story. Ryan had proposed to Chelsea in Florida with a message in a bottle.

The owners of the Chick-Fil-A in Anderson, where Chelsea had been a loyal employee, catered their late afternoon reception.

To read their winning entry, click here.

Chelsea and Ryan won the contest. They are an extremely sweet young couple that are very involved with their church. They utilized sage and chocolate, with hints of cream. They danced down the aisle during the recessional to "Ever Lasting Love." Their guests enjoyed a candy bar and a light buffet during their late afternoon reception.

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