Beginnings aka Longest Blog Entry Ever

Debbie, Darren, Samantha, and Darryl aka B & R Events

Many people ask us how we got our start. It never started with anything fancy. Mom and I were living in Syracuse, NY where my brother was active in the high school band and I was active in chorus.

Mom had always worked in food service, and for a long time worked for the New York phone company with their dining services. Since she was the one with the art background, whenever their was a special event that had to be put together for the company, her fellow employees always put her hand up for her.

When my brother was in band, they would have dinners to raise money for different trips. You can guess who would be put in charge...These events being fundraiser would have little to no budget to work with, of course. I remember for one of the dinners making 500 paper flowers out of tissue paper and paper clips with my mother and a few other volunteers. I was her helper and her companion through these events.

The work got out that Mom was thrifty and had a great eye. She made stage decorations, got great bargains on costumes and flowers. She had her two sisters, Joanie and Shirley, running errands and assisting. One of the coolest things that she did was construct a castle background using cardboard, plywood, different papers, and different fabrics modeled after Cinderella's castle in Disney World. It was even trimmed in rope lighting. Everyone raved!

We moved to South Carolina and she was bombarded with participating with International Night almost before we could unpack all our boxes. (What can I say, I knew she was good, and I was 11.)

Then the weddings came. Mom got a part time job at a lighting store, and the next thing she knew, all the children of the employees were getting married. She got recruited to decorate, cook, and photograph all these weddings. I would be running behind with a second camera in hand and making sure that all shots were taken care of. This went on for years!
Samantha as the B93.7 intern
I went to college. I worked for Entercom Communications in the promotions department doing events and marketing. I was the president of the Marketing Association where I put on fundraisers for the association, the Angel Tree, and other school activities. During the year, I worked for Prescriptives cosmetics. I spent summers doing internships and working as a freelance make up artist exclusive to brides and bridal parties.

Px Sam

I coordinated my first wedding in 2004, by accident. I was just supposed to do a make up trial, color the bride's hair, and do the day-of make up. She told me how stressed out she was and that she needed help. I didn't mind jumping right in. I knew that I wanted to find a way to make this my career.Right after the big question

I got engaged a month later. I graduated college, a whole year early. My husband knew that our wedding would have to be wonderful, and it was. I joined the work force, designing the interior and exterior of homes for a production line home builder, but continued planning weddings. My talents were recognized and I was a catering manager for a local 3 star hotel. We both realized that it was not for me in the long run.

I missed doing make up artistry, so in August 2007 I went back to school for Aesthetics. As of Friday, I am now also a licensed Aesthetician. (YAY!) I did this because aesthetics is just one more service I can offer our brides.

Mom and a Super Happy Bride (Lori)

Me and a Super Happy Joelle from the Marriott

In the long run, we LOVE what we do. We LOVE our brides. And we LOVE each other. You can't quit on the ones you love.

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Blue Mountain Photo Works said...

That's cool. I'm glad you guys shared how you got started. I think I will blog about that same thing soon.

It's ironic, because we photographed our first wedding in 2004 as well!