I wanted to share with all of you that Blue Mountain Photo Works is having a contest for free wedding day photography for a deserving couple. B & R Events has decided to join them and the same deserving couple will receive our Marilyn package for free. The only small print is that we must not be booked that day. If you are a deserving couple, please enter!


Luxe Future

A fabulous trend for the 2008 or 2009 is the luxurious fabrics that are often seen in home decor.
Damasks, lace, toile, laquers are all popular in the home design scene and now influencing decor at weddings and receptions.
Don't want to go overboard? Instead of draping the whole ballroom with heavy fabrics, put little accents around the room. Table runners, ribbons, and stationary are all nice touches.


Bringing back white...

Another lovely trend for the 2008/2009 bride is the return of the white wedding.
Over the past couple of years, white has taken a back seat at most weddings, allowing jewel tones to take a front seat. While we LOVE color at weddings, whites can be just as fun.
Beautiful white floral centerpieces, sparkling candles, lavish white cakes can make a wedding sparkle and then use your color as accents with stationary and florals.


Oh Martha!

Besides the fact that I think that Martha Stewart is an organizational and marketing genius, I love that one of her new 'good things' is her Wedding Cakes book.
Martha put together this book with her master baker, the one who puts all her ideas to life and seems to be her right hand gal for Weddings (Wendy Kromer), lead us through all the steps and considerations for wedding cakes. There is even a section on how to make a wedding cake yourself!


Silver is the new brown

We have been pleased to see brown as the bridesmaid dress color for the past two years. Chocolate, mocha, latte, and they have all been delicious.

2008 is going to be more about the metals. Silver, platinum, gold, champagne, and bronzes are going to be hot for the bridesmaids.

This is a mixed blessing. Many bridesmaids loved the idea of brown, a little richer than black but just as flattering. The idea and textures of the metals are stunning, but will the palette look great on all body types and skin tones? We will wait and see and enjoy!