Style: Favors

I love wine. I love wine so much that my lovely husband, Darren, got me a wine fridge for Christmas. I know that I am not the only one out there that loves wine. When Darren and I were planning our wedding, we were toying around with the idea of having wine with custom labels. Then, there were only a couple of companies that did it, and they were based out of California so the shipping was insane.

Now one of my favorite site, Snapfish, does custom photo beverage labels. They start at $8 a bottle, and anything I have ever ordered from Snapfish has been great quality.


Style: Food

We do not believe in boring food. We believe in enjoyable food. Think of foods that you are your fiance enjoy...can you incorporate it into the cocktail hour? Love burgers...ask for mini sliders. Love mexican...quesadillas or mushrooms stuffed with chorizo sausage. Thai...pineapple rice. We could go on. Are sweets more your scene? Can't get enough Krispie Kreme? Have late night doughnuts!

Style: Bouquets

We are still taking our cake classes, but I want to get back on the wedding track!

I remember when I got married. My bridesmaids had sheer chocolate ribbon with bronze edging on their bouquets, and it was considered creative! Not that a white or sage satin ribbon, isn't beautiful and classic, but patterned or shimmer ribbon can add a special touch to your bridesmaid bouquets. We personally love polka dotted ribbon and damask ribbon.
Think about your theme...what is special to you and your fiance...what might be special to your bridesmaids. Bonus: ribbon is inexpensive. I know for a fact that certain craft stores carry better ribbon for $1 -$1.75 a yard. Check out your options next time you are surfing the net or at a craft store.


Cake Attack!

This was my first decorated cake from our Wilton course! We learned about gel transfer and were supposed to make a rainbow cake, but I HAD to do something different! So I did a gel transfer of the B&R Events logo, and I think it turned out nicely!
All my close friends know that I do not like clowns, but here I was in our third class forced to make a clown cake. Ugh! So, I decided to make the cake humorous and had one of the clowns struggling to get up on the cake with his friends. All my classmates and teacher were hysterics!
And this week, before my final class where we will make a cake involving icing roses, swiss dots, and drop flowers, I decided to make a practice cake.

I did chocolate buttercream icing on white cake and made white drop flowers with violet centers and violet swiss dots. I thought it was adorable! **Excuse the blurriness, my camera had been left in the cold car overnight.**
Stay tuned for the last cake of course 1!


Northern vs. Southern

As promised, I am going to map out the difference between a northern wedding and a southern wedding. These are just little differences that I have observed from coordinating southern weddings and participating in northern weddings. This is a combination of humor and seriousness, so please take everything with a grain of salt.

The send off:
Northern: After the ceremony
Southern: After the reception

The photographer:
Northern: http://www.imagesphotostudio.com/
Southern: http://www.amywoodphotography.com/

Getting ready and posed pictures:
Northern: The pictures of the bride and her attendants are taken at the mother of the bride's home. The pictures of the groom are taken at his mother's home or his own home. These are all the group shots and getting ready shots. Most of the time, the bridesmaids must pay to have their hair and make up done.
Southern: The bride generally gets ready at the ceremony location and the groom gets ready either at home or at a hotel. Bridesmaids usually have the option of paying a professional for their hair or make up or it is a gift from the bride. Posed shots are taken at the ceremony location or the grounds of the ceremony location.

The first dance and other activities:
Northern: The bridal party and new couple are announced and go straight into their first dance. The first dance is then followed by the bridal party dance, and then the best man speech and toast. Then dinner and after dinner the cake cutting and parent dances. Later comes the bouquet toss, etc.
Southern: Everyone is announced and the new couple goes into their first dance. After the first dance is the blessing. Then dinner. Then the speeches and toasts followed immediately by cake cutting so that guests still have their dessert wine to go with their cake. After cake is other festivities, that is usually kicked off by the parents dances.

Northern: A cocktail hour that would put many parties to shame (think a couple of action stations, passed appetizers, and several displays), a sit down dinner, and a Vienese sweet table with coffee bar and flambe station. Don't forget about the 5 hours open bar.
Southern: Cocktail hour is more low key with cheese and fruit, dinner can be sit down or buffet, dessert is cake. A lot of southern girls will even opt for the cocktail reception. An open bar is an option, not a requirement. Some girls choose to have beer and wine instead, or just wine.


Cake Decorating

As the majority of our visitors know, B & R Events is a mother-daughter partnership. My mother and I are very close and we are fortunate that we can run our business together.

Mom and I love to cook, and I especially love to bake. We decided that we were going to take cake decorating classes as a project during our slower season (November-January). This month we will be taking the Wilton Method Course 1. We had our first class on Monday and it was so interesting. The next three weeks we will learn how to make roses, some borders, drop flowers, leaves, and how to write on cakes. December we will take course 2 and January we will take course 3.

Are we looking to expand B & R Events? Probably not. It is always nice to have different options in case of an emergency. (Flowers, make up, and now cakes will be covered!) I will be posting pictures of our creations on the blog. Stay tuned!


Andrea and Matt: Apples and Autumn at Devereaux's

Andrea and Matt had their reception at Devereaux's this past Saturday. Andrea called us wanting a custom package where we only oversaw the reception. Matt and Andrea's luncheon reception was at Devereaux's, where the food was fantastic! The couple wanted the wedding to effect the environment as little as possible, so the flowers were from the farmer's market, they used local vendors (Iced for the cupcakes, Sposa Bella for the great pictures, and of course Devereaux's), and natural soap for the favors (Spurgeon Soaps; contact us for email). Andrea and Matt invited all the guests to their home after the luncheon for a barbeque so the party could continue.
Simplicity can be so lovely! Congratulations Andrea and Matt!


Rambo Trip

My husband and I headed north on the 16th to New Jersey. Weddings were still on the mind because we were heading up for my brother-in-law's nuptials.
Andrew and Heather got married on Friday, the 19th, and my husband (otherwise known as Darren) was the best man and I was a bridesmaid.
Heather was smart and knew that her future sister-in-law is a wedding planner, so she got my help. Hence, a busy couple of weeks with traveling and all.
We ended up making the seating chart (very cool, made out of plexiglass so it was very 3D looking), made all the centerpieces (faux cherry blossom branches with natural grass in 2 foot vases with votives and a couple other simple elements), did the table names, and made the menus and programs. Here are some pics:
(Darren is next to Heather (bride) and I am third in on the right)

(Rambo girls IN the wedding. There are many more of us...)

(Two more Rambos...Danielle and Diana)

(Darren and I during the bridal party dance.)
(Sidenote: There are several things different about a Northern wedding vs. a Southern wedding. If you are bored, ask me one day.)
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Rambo
Est. September 19th, 2008


Celine and Chris: Orange and Pink at the Owen Pavilion

Celine and Chris got married in Clemson this weekend! The wedding was set at St. Andrew's Catholic Church off of College Street and the reception was at the Owen Pavillion at the Madren Center. Both locations were very appropriate for these two Clemson grads!
The bridesmaids wore chocolate dresses with sage sashes and carried bouquets of hot pink and orange roses and gerbera daisies. The multi colored palette made for a beautiful summer wedding. The table names were different locations that had meaning to Celine and Chris, such as King's Mountain in Ohio (the couple's home state) and the Esso Club in Clemson. The groom's cake featured a Clemson tiger paw and the MASCOT even stopped by to dance with Celine and Chris right after they were announced.
Celine and Chris gave orange koozies to their guests and donated money to Shriners and Alzheimers Association. On top of their donation prior to their big day, they also did a donation dance where their guests contributed more funds to the two charities. At the end of the night, the men took turns dancing with Celine to the song "Let Me Call You Sweetheart."
Congratulatons Celine and Chris! You made us feel like family!


Ice Magic

I really wanted to give a HUGE shout to Ice Magic. They are really one of my favorite vendors to work with. They create pieces that I could never fathom creating. Thank you so much BJ and David for being fantastic vendors and friends!


Beginnings aka Longest Blog Entry Ever

Debbie, Darren, Samantha, and Darryl aka B & R Events

Many people ask us how we got our start. It never started with anything fancy. Mom and I were living in Syracuse, NY where my brother was active in the high school band and I was active in chorus.

Mom had always worked in food service, and for a long time worked for the New York phone company with their dining services. Since she was the one with the art background, whenever their was a special event that had to be put together for the company, her fellow employees always put her hand up for her.

When my brother was in band, they would have dinners to raise money for different trips. You can guess who would be put in charge...These events being fundraiser would have little to no budget to work with, of course. I remember for one of the dinners making 500 paper flowers out of tissue paper and paper clips with my mother and a few other volunteers. I was her helper and her companion through these events.

The work got out that Mom was thrifty and had a great eye. She made stage decorations, got great bargains on costumes and flowers. She had her two sisters, Joanie and Shirley, running errands and assisting. One of the coolest things that she did was construct a castle background using cardboard, plywood, different papers, and different fabrics modeled after Cinderella's castle in Disney World. It was even trimmed in rope lighting. Everyone raved!

We moved to South Carolina and she was bombarded with participating with International Night almost before we could unpack all our boxes. (What can I say, I knew she was good, and I was 11.)

Then the weddings came. Mom got a part time job at a lighting store, and the next thing she knew, all the children of the employees were getting married. She got recruited to decorate, cook, and photograph all these weddings. I would be running behind with a second camera in hand and making sure that all shots were taken care of. This went on for years!
Samantha as the B93.7 intern
I went to college. I worked for Entercom Communications in the promotions department doing events and marketing. I was the president of the Marketing Association where I put on fundraisers for the association, the Angel Tree, and other school activities. During the year, I worked for Prescriptives cosmetics. I spent summers doing internships and working as a freelance make up artist exclusive to brides and bridal parties.

Px Sam

I coordinated my first wedding in 2004, by accident. I was just supposed to do a make up trial, color the bride's hair, and do the day-of make up. She told me how stressed out she was and that she needed help. I didn't mind jumping right in. I knew that I wanted to find a way to make this my career.Right after the big question

I got engaged a month later. I graduated college, a whole year early. My husband knew that our wedding would have to be wonderful, and it was. I joined the work force, designing the interior and exterior of homes for a production line home builder, but continued planning weddings. My talents were recognized and I was a catering manager for a local 3 star hotel. We both realized that it was not for me in the long run.

I missed doing make up artistry, so in August 2007 I went back to school for Aesthetics. As of Friday, I am now also a licensed Aesthetician. (YAY!) I did this because aesthetics is just one more service I can offer our brides.

Mom and a Super Happy Bride (Lori)

Me and a Super Happy Joelle from the Marriott

In the long run, we LOVE what we do. We LOVE our brides. And we LOVE each other. You can't quit on the ones you love.


Chelsea and Ryan: Chocolate and Charity in Anderson

At the beginning of 2008, our friends Jason and Stacy with Blue Mountain Photo Works decided that they were going to have a contest where they would award a couple with free wedding photography. To win the contest, the couple had to submit an essay about why they would love Blue Mountain to shoot their wedding, a photo, and their engagement story. The couple had to not be able to afford a professional wedding photographer.

When we read about the contest on Jason's blog, we jumped right in. We have been so blessed with our business and the awesome people that we get to work with, that we wanted to give back.

The story was told to BJ with Ice Magic and they were generous as well with donating an ice sculpture that was modeled after Chelsea and Ryan's engagement story. Ryan had proposed to Chelsea in Florida with a message in a bottle.

The owners of the Chick-Fil-A in Anderson, where Chelsea had been a loyal employee, catered their late afternoon reception.

To read their winning entry, click here.

Chelsea and Ryan won the contest. They are an extremely sweet young couple that are very involved with their church. They utilized sage and chocolate, with hints of cream. They danced down the aisle during the recessional to "Ever Lasting Love." Their guests enjoyed a candy bar and a light buffet during their late afternoon reception.


Tammy and Kyle: Ocean and Coral at the West End Community Center

Tammy and Kyle were married amongst many, many friends. Their guest list has been the biggest one we have worked with at 550.
They chose bright colors, perfect for a summer wedding. We utilized the coral and aqua with hints of soft ivory and silver. For favors, we set out 35 pounds of candy and 550 cookies. At every ladies' seat there was a coral wooden rose for her to take home at the end of the evening. The centerpieces were combinations of wooden roses, magnolias, and gardenias in varying heights.
We were so happy to work with the 42 person bridal party, having the honor of announcing everyone. (Who knew the Communications degree would come in handy?)


Website update!

We put our heads together with Joe from Surf Carolina for our website to have a new look. Subtle differences, and collages for our past brides can shake things up. Enjoy!


Kim and Jason: Blush and Black at the Wyche Pavilion

Kim and Jason had a fun filled, Southern wedding this past Saturday. A Clemson tiger ice sculpture and Clemson themed engagement photo book and engagement portrait showed that their blood runs orange. B & R Events took care of the floral centerpieces and we created pink and white arrangements with mismatched glass vases that Kim supplied.
They were surrounded by their closest family, the brother of the groom even officiated the ceremony. Different textures of white, black, and bubble gum pink surrounded the guests while Sam Brooks from Life of the Party serenaded everyone.
They had a fantastic playlist, Larkin's Southern Dinner buffet, and the bride and groom even entered their reception with matching white and black shades.
Congratulations Kim and Jason!


Lori and Jeremy: Turquoise in the Wyche Pavilion

Congratulations Lori and Jeremy!

Lori and Jeremy got married May 23rd at Bethel Baptist Church. Lori utilized turquoise, pale pink, and white in her palette, which popped at Larkins on the River's Wyche Pavillion. It was a lovely summer event, with Japenese lanterns, tons of candles, and Larkin's Southern Country Cocktail Buffet. If you see Lori and Jeremy, be sure to congratulate them!

Andrea & Bobby: Champagne and Snow at the Greenville Marriott

Congratulations to Andrea and Bobby!

This lovely couple got married on February 9th at John Knox Presbyterian Church and had their reception at the Marriott. They had a charming "Winter Wonderland" theme with frosted and crystalized branch centerpiece and their colors were champagne, silver, and white. Dahlia used plenty of white calla lilies, orchids, and white roses for the floral and B & R Events constructed the centerpieces. There was even snow on the tables!


B&R Events is fortunate enough that we have never truly had a bridezilla! Usually it is the first question people ask us when they hear what type of business we are in...we always laugh, because we know how lucky we are.

If you are into crazy bridal antics, or you just want your fiance to see that you could be soooo much worse, the season premiere of Bridezillas on the We channel starts on June 1st.


We're good, we promise...

We have not posted in almost two months, which is definitely a mixed blessing. We love giving our point of view, but man, we have been busy. Spring has been lovely, and the "wedding season" is truly upon us!

I want to show some pics of the newest trends in wedding dresses. It seems that alot more dresses have the "goddess" type fit with the empire waist and chiffon or taffeta like this Romona Keveza (left).

The other big trend in the V neck. Finally, a wedding dress with straps that does not look dated! Designers are finding more and more ways to add straps and sleeves to dresses while keeping the gowns fashionable and not at all matronly. Check out this masterpiece by Jim Hjelm (center).

Or you could go for the little cap sleeve. This dress is so romantic, and just think, you won't have to pull on your dress all day! (below, also Jim Hjelm).


Myspace update

We updated our Myspace page with a slide show featuring our brides. For those of you that have Myspace, add us to your friends list, and if you don't want to venture to Myspace, here is the slideshow.



We told Ana Parra with the Link during the holidays that it is not just about a theme or a color for us, but all about texture.

2008 and 2009 brides should look into playing with different patterns that go with their color scheme. Stripes, toile, flowers, dots, and flourishes can all make the feel of you wedding very chic. Add touches to the cakes, table runners, stationary, ribbons, anything you want to incorporate your style. But remember, stick to just one trend or texture.

*photo courtesy of theknot.com


Check us out!

This weekend, on the 17th, B & R Events will be doing the table top decor for the Marriott's table at the Elegant Wedding Showcase. The show is at the Marriott in Greenville and is from 11am to 4pm. It will certainly be a good time for all.


A winner...

Congratulations to Chelsea and Ryan! They won the contest for free photography from Blue Mountain Photo Works and we got in on the deal where we will be doing their day of coordination! Congratulations you guys, and I look forward to your special day in Anderson on July 12, 2008.



B&R Events has had a super busy last couple of weeks. We have added some new couples to our family as well as just got wrapped up with a big wedding this past weekend. It is nice to have a day to just relax. We are so please with all the work that we do, and absolutely love the heavy schedule. Thanks to all that have booked B&R Events, and thank you to the many more to come!



I wanted to share with all of you that Blue Mountain Photo Works is having a contest for free wedding day photography for a deserving couple. B & R Events has decided to join them and the same deserving couple will receive our Marilyn package for free. The only small print is that we must not be booked that day. If you are a deserving couple, please enter!


Luxe Future

A fabulous trend for the 2008 or 2009 is the luxurious fabrics that are often seen in home decor.
Damasks, lace, toile, laquers are all popular in the home design scene and now influencing decor at weddings and receptions.
Don't want to go overboard? Instead of draping the whole ballroom with heavy fabrics, put little accents around the room. Table runners, ribbons, and stationary are all nice touches.


Bringing back white...

Another lovely trend for the 2008/2009 bride is the return of the white wedding.
Over the past couple of years, white has taken a back seat at most weddings, allowing jewel tones to take a front seat. While we LOVE color at weddings, whites can be just as fun.
Beautiful white floral centerpieces, sparkling candles, lavish white cakes can make a wedding sparkle and then use your color as accents with stationary and florals.


Oh Martha!

Besides the fact that I think that Martha Stewart is an organizational and marketing genius, I love that one of her new 'good things' is her Wedding Cakes book.
Martha put together this book with her master baker, the one who puts all her ideas to life and seems to be her right hand gal for Weddings (Wendy Kromer), lead us through all the steps and considerations for wedding cakes. There is even a section on how to make a wedding cake yourself!


Silver is the new brown

We have been pleased to see brown as the bridesmaid dress color for the past two years. Chocolate, mocha, latte, and they have all been delicious.

2008 is going to be more about the metals. Silver, platinum, gold, champagne, and bronzes are going to be hot for the bridesmaids.

This is a mixed blessing. Many bridesmaids loved the idea of brown, a little richer than black but just as flattering. The idea and textures of the metals are stunning, but will the palette look great on all body types and skin tones? We will wait and see and enjoy!