New Year's Eve

I would love to wish all of the supporters of B & R Events a very lovely New Year's Eve. Spend it with your loved ones and please make sure that you are safe with your festivities. You will be hearing more from us in the new year!


Oh, the bargains to be had!

I am utterly in love with this time of year. For the lucky brides who are planning upcoming fall or winter weddings, this is the best time of year to find the best decor bargains! Many different stores, such as Pottery Barn and Hobby Lobby, have so many times that are marked up to 50% off. This makes adding in detail so much easier.


The Man...

I try to not post about my personal life, because this is supposed to be a blog about wedding planning.
I am going to make an exception this time.
Darren is my adorable husband. He just had his birthday yesterday, and he is always so great at finding the perfect holiday gifts.
I am fortunate because he is such a hard worker, and if B & R Events plans your affair, you are more than likely going to see him somewhere behind the scenes, even if he technically isn't on the pay roll.
I love him so dearly, that I honestly cannot imagine my life without him. He makes my life so enjoyable and fun.
So, here is to the birthday boy!


New Looks

If you haven't been to our site in a while, you probably aren't aware that we have had a makeover! Please check it out and let us know what you think...


And finally...

charitable favors. Many brides are choosing to donate money to a cause that is important to them. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure is one of the more popular charities and makes contributions to the fight against breast cancer.

Other ideas include:





And so many charities to promote the awareness of global warming.

You can make sure that your guests are aware of the donation by putting cards on the tables at the reception, putting a blurb in the ceremony program, or even having the DJ make an announcement.


Favor Fun, part deux

On to the usable category...
Let it be an item that your guests will actually use. Think about your family and friends, what are their rituals and how do they like to have fun?
If your family enjoys wine, maybe a wine stopper. Firefighters and policemen abundant on your guest list? Maybe some koozies would be a good idea. Music lovers at your shin dig? A custom CD. Be creative, and then the packaging can match the scheme of your wedding.


Favor fun

Favors can fall into 3 categorie: edible, usable, or charitable.
One of the biggest trends in weddings for the past two years has been the candy buffet. Lovely clear vases filled with yummy candies in your wedding color scheme. Not only is this favor delicious, but about pleasing to the eye. What is better yet, some people have picked up on the trend and offer catering for the candy buffet.
For some really cool professional ideas, check out http://www.candycatering.com/


Food for food's sake

Big question: dinner or cocktail reception?
I never have a definitive answer for this. I know what I prefer, and that is to have a full meal with some place to sit. Most guests are fine as long as they do not have to hit Taco Bell on the way home.
The other issue is, the cocktail reception is going to cost the same, if not more, than the plated dinner or dinner buffet. This may raise some eyebrows, but if you really think about it, the staff is having to clear more plate, more food per item is being made, there is usually some sort of chef's action area, and the list goes on.

If you are truly worried about the cost of food, and you have exhausted all your options elsewhere, I would suggest perhaps having a lunch or even a brunch if you do not mind getting married earlier in the day. If you want to keep the later ceremony time, inquire to your catering representative about a dessert reception.


More Holiday Fun...

Ana Parra from the Link wrote a lovely article about how a professional would throw one of the many holiday parties that happen during the season. Besides being adorable and fun to talk to, Ana decided to use B & R Events as a source for the article.
We had to plan a fake holiday party, and as always, we decided to focus on the budget. We like to think that you can focus on the little things, and be detail oriented, without breaking the bank.
Thanks Ana! We look forward to working with you again one day!

Kick off of the Holidays...

We love the holidays, and we start early.
We spent this weekend cleaning the house and prepping it so that we could put our holiday tree up. The tree was fully decorated by Sunday evening.

We send out our holiday greetings this time of year. We always send out something extra to our friends and family, whether it be a CD, candy, or a small ornament. The past two years it has been freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, all 150 of them.

The green B & R Events is the logo that will match our holiday cards.
I love that this is the time of year where people still take the time to do traditional things. To make cards and cookies and lovely home cooked meals. Your friends and family will see that the effort was made and will truly appreciate it.

So, here is to the kick off of the holidays. Cheers!


Panditaratne-Thompson: Red and Lavender at the Westin Poinsett

Jennifer and Erjah had a lovely summer wedding with washes of lavender and purple with punches of red. They had a traditional Catholic mass at Prince of Peace with a sit down dinner at the Westin Poinsett.
Their wedding was very lush and elegant. The centerpieces were varied heights, a large red rose "P" was in the cocktail area, and there was a fabulous four-tier cake by Couture Cakes. As soon as the dinner was over, the guests danced the night away to a combination of 80's dance music and Sri Lankan dance music.
Congratulations Jennifer and Erjah!

More family

Also, if your family ever does gift exchanges for the adults, check out www.elfster.com. It is a great way to do a secret Santa. Enjoy!


One of the hardest thing about planning a wedding is the family's input. You want to keep everyone pleased, but there are so many people pulling you in so many different directions.

B & R Events hopes to help you make the important decisions with an unbiased eye. This way you don't have to find a way to keep your mother, your future mother in law, your future sister in law, and sister all happy at the same time. If they ask you about the wedding, just say, " I've got it under control." This is the nicest way to let them know that you appreciate their input, but it is about you and your fiance.


Heather and Chap: Robins Egg Blue and Breast Cancer Awareness at Rock Hill Country Club

First of all, who doesn't love the name Chap?
We loved working with Heather and her mother, Roxanne. They loved a lot of our ideas and really utilized the beauty of the Rock Hill Country Club. For favors the bride and groom made a donation to the Susan G. Komen Association because Roxanne is a breast cancer survivor. Robins egg blue, shades of pink, and champagne were all used for this spring wedding.
Congratulations Heather and Chap!


Make up for the special day

Many brides say that they have no idea how they should do their make up for their wedding day. Soft and subtle? Deep and sensual? Natural and minimal?

There really is no right answer except for the fact that you should look like yourself, but better. Your fiance loves you for who you are, but you want to look your best for the big day.

You can find pictures or sketches of what you like and whether you do it yourself, go to a department store make up counter, or hire a professional you should always do a practice run.

My biggest recommendation is to pick a foundation that is photo-friendly, pick a long wearing lipstick, and really make the eyes pop.

Here is a really neat site with some sketches of great bridal make up:


For more ideas, check out http://www.shanteltheartist.com/ and look at her bell of the ball category. That is some great stuff.


Amber and Spencer: Daisies at Mary's Cottage and Sassafras

Amber and Spencer had a very green wedding downtown Greenville.
They really wanted fun, daisies, and great southern food from Sassafras. They definately got all three!
They did full coordination with B & R Events and we loved helping them with their fun and chic wedding.
Congratulations Amber and Spencer!


For a Laugh

I found this great site that has memorable and funny photos from different weddings. Check it out if you want a good chuckle: http://divinecaroline.com/article/22072/37887

Stephanie and Ellison: Branches at the Cliffs at Glassy

The next couple of posts are going to be tributes to the beautiful brides that we have worked with. Enjoy!
Stephanie and Ellison had a rustic fall wedding at the Cliffs at Glassy. They are a wonderful couple and I think they enjoy Starbucks just as much as we do! They used different tones of chocolate, wine, and burnt orange for their autumn affair and Ellison made their centerpieces which looked like trees with votives hanging overhead.


A Good Time for All

Brides want to make sure that all their guest are accomodated at the reception. One of the biggest questions I have always received from my couples is how to estimate how much to put aside for the bar.
My favorite resource for this is the drink calculator from evite.com. Many reception facilities will include most mixers if there is a fee for bar set up, but the cost of consumption is always up in the air. This calculator can save you some headaches.


Welcome to B & R Events

I want brides to know that they are not limited to white flowers, white cake and white dresses. That they can have fun on their wedding day, and nothing has to be cookie cutter.

That you can layer textures and elements to create the ceremony or reception that is ideal for you and your fiance.

And, of the highest priority, you can do it on your budget.

B & R Events welcome the brides who need ideas and suggestions. We welcome the brides who are stressed out with their normal activities, and want to enjoy their engagement. We welcome the families that just want their child/sibling/friend to have the event that they always dreamed about.